Sunday, July 16, 2006

The last thing I ever write!

What should be the last thing...
the last thing I ever write?
If my world was to end 'tomorrow'...
what should I write to end 'tonight'?

I would have to say "I'm sorry"
for any 'hurt' I've ever caused.
To everyone whom I've caused pain...
I'm sorry for my lack of a brain!

I would need to say "I'm sorry" too
to the loved ones I leave behind.
I am sorry to be leaving you,
and for all the times I was a pain!

I would have to say a big "Thank You"
to everyone I've ever known.
Though our times may not have been 'the best'
even 'the worst' helped make me strong!

To the birds, the bees, the flowers and trees,
and everything else that played a part in my life...
it wouldn't be right if I didn't thank you,
for all the pleasure you brought to my life!

To 'God' I would surely have to write
a big "Thank You" for giving me life!
I'm sorry for all the mistakes I have made,
and for the many times I let you down!

What should be the last thing...
the last thing I ever write?
I wish you 'peace'... I wish you 'health'...
but above all, I wish you 'love'!
My Prayer for Peace!

Dear God...
whom through different eyes,
all man see...
I pray to you for 'peace'.

Weapons are drawn to the ready,
with fingers itching to pull.
Brother is aiming at brother,
through eyes that see hate and fear.

Dear God...
I ask you close those eyes,
so my brother can see through his heart.
Place 'mirrors' between each brother,
so their 'targets' they can learn to love!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lay down all your weapons!

Lay down all your weapons...
take a stand now for 'peace'.
The world as you know it,
may soon have to cease.

Since the beginning of time,
I have watched you all fight.
Brother kill brother,
and 'friend' turn to foe.

'My son' I sent you as a sign of my peace...
on a cross you did hang Him as thanks for my gift.
A 'nuclear holocaust' is what you now fear...
weapons of man, to be used against man!

Lay down all your weapons,
while you still have the chance...
one fatal mistake,
will see mankind 'extinct'!

In the image of myself,
I created all man...
from the granules of dust,
and the rib of a chest.

'Paradise' I gave you...
'All nature' your friend.
The Gateway to Heaven,
was yours their in Eden.

Since the beginning of time,
I have watched you go wrong.
'My warning' you ignored,
when I caused the Great Flood.

Lay down all your weapons,
or I'll join your war.
My intervention,
will see 'man' is no more!

Fear you for fear sake,
the word 'nuclear'...
weapons of man,
that destroy more than man.

All of the gifts
that I gave you in peace...
you now have the power,
to destroy in a war!

Fear you for good reason
this warning I now give...
the ultimate weapon,
is not one of mans!

From dust I created...
To dust, I'll return...
the extinction of man,
through your failure to learn.

Lay down all your weapons...
take a stand now for 'peace'.
The future of mankind,
now lays in your hands!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Does he know I am his father?

Does he know, I am his father,
and how much I love him so?
Does he know how very proud I am,
to have 'him' as my son?

Does he know I long to be with him,
and how much I miss him so?
Does he know how very precious
he is and will always be?

Does he know I am his father?
Or are we the 'strangers' you'd prefer?

Will he grow up believing
his father is another man?
Will you go on deceiving,
I'm a shadow of his past?

When he reaches out for a helping hand,
will you tell him 'mine isn't there'?
When he reaches the path of confusion,
will you direct him away from me?

Does he know 'I' am his father?
Or are we the 'strangers' you'd prefer?

If he doesn't know I am his father,
there is one thing you should know...
in spite of your deceiving,
one day, he will know the truth!

He will know I am his father,
and how I've always loved him so!
He'll know how very proud I've been,
knowing he's my son!

He will know I've longed to be with him,
and how much I've missed him so!
He'll know how very precious,
he has always been to me!

When he learns 'I am his father'
there is one thing you will learn...
in spite of your deceiving,
he has learnt to know the truth!

He would have grown up believing
his father was another man!
He'll know it was your deceiving,
that kept me in his past.

When he reached out for a helping hand,
you told him mine wasn't there.
When he reached the path of confusion,
you strayed him from the truth!

Yes, he will know, I am his father...
and how you strayed him from the truth!

I love you, Son!!! I love you, Dad!!!

What we share is truly special...
worth more than what money can buy!
Something we can rely upon,
as we live from day to day!

Confiding in each other,
with complete and utter trust.
Fearing not, that when our back is turned,
things would be different than when face to face!

No need for telling lies,
or pretending how we feel!
Not keeping little secrets,
or being afraid to tell the truth!

Being who we are,
instead of pretending who we're not!
Not open to corruption,
or being unfaithful to the truth!

Sincere in what we say and do...
never betraying each other's trust!
Not needing any second thoughts,
before feeling free to speak our mind!

Never cheating on each other...
or belittling each other's worth!
Not spreading idle gossip,
or being afraid to defend the truth!

Knowing we can be counted on,
whether times are good or bad!
Confident, even in the worst of times,
that we'll be by each other's side!
In the 'heart' of the beholder...

'Beauty' they say 'is in the eyes of the beholder',
and how 'beauty is only skin deep'!
'Looks' they say 'can be deceiving'...
so 'never judge a book by its cover!'

I speak of a 'beauty' which comes deep from within,
and touches the very core of the heart.
It is beauty you feel, rather than see,
and it is felt from the 'heart'... not the hands!

Love and compassion...
sincerity and kindness...
it is these which determine the true worth of man,
for without them, we are just 'walking meat'!

To look in a mirror with only our eyes,
is to hide ourselves from our soul!
See not with the eyes, unless to be blind,
of the 'true beauty' which lays within!

To judge ourselves by only our looks,
is to fail in the eyes of God...
for He will judge us, not by our looks,
but by the 'emotions' we have learnt to feel!

Search deep in your heart for a beauty,
which can be felt by those who are blind...
for even the blind have their beauty,
and it is there for us all to feel!
Pledge of Love

Here you stand beside me,
on this our Wedding Day...
So proud I am, you have chosen me,
to be your lifetime partner!

This Wedding Band I give to you,
as a symbol of my love...
This 'Pledge of Love' I make to you,
to last my whole life through...

From this day on,
you will always be
the 'treasure' of my heart and soul.
In me, you will always find,
the very best of friends!

'Love' and 'Respect' I will feel for you...
I'll be 'patient' and 'understanding'.
What I do will be done for you...
I'll remain forever faithful!

Caring and Sharing will see we remain,
together, forever as one!
With God as our witness, I make this pledge...
No man will put us assunder!

From this day on, you will always be,
the treasure of my heart and soul.
In me, you will always find,
the very best of friends!

'Part' we must, when 'death' decrees...
in 'body'... not in 'soul'!
No mere 'death' could ever cease,
the 'love' that is within!

Back together with you, I will be,
in the life that is to come.
I make this pledge of 'immortal love'
and ask you do the same...

"From this day on, you will always be,
the 'treasure' of my heart and soul!
In me, you will always find,
the very best of friends!"
Licence to Die!

You got yourself a licence...
so now you are off to claim the road...
why not grab a friend or two,
and have a little rage!

Screeching 'round the corners...
'burning rubber' marks your trail.
Forget about the 'road rules'
because they weren't meant for you.
A 'licence' means you own the road,
so it's you who makes the rules!

Young and wild, and fancy free,
you claim your new born power...
"Watch out world, 'cause here you come"
as you tear along the road!

Cutting all the corners,
it's the pedal to the metal...
Suddenly there is panic,
as a truck is in your path!

You spin the wheel, and slam the breaks,
till a tree is all you see
(Didn't bother with your seat belt,
because it was made for wimps)
now the impact of a collision,
sends you crashing through the screen!

What about those friends of yours?
Perhaps there is hope for them!
Sirens go rushing to the scene,
as your car goes up in flames!

When help arrives,
it is all too late...
there is nothing they can do,
for the twisted, mangled, charred remains
of what once were human beings!

Yes, you got yourself a licence,
and claimed to own the road...
A 'cross' upon a tree now stands,
as a reminder to us all...
that no matter from whom a challenge comes...
the road will always win!!!
Why do you avoid me?

Why do you avoid me, as though I have the plague?
It's true I have an illness... but it's not a disease!
I accept that I perhaps, may not have all that long to live...
so what I need most of all, is for you to be my friend!

What I have is not contagious...
your limbs won't suddenly fall off.
A friendly word, and a friendly smile,
is all I will take from you!

My bones may be old and fragile,
but 'a smile' won't break my face!
With you to keep me company,
I may even manage to laugh!

What is it you are afraid of?
Do you think I will steal your youth?
Having someone young like you to keep me company,
may be just what I need to keep me feeling 'young'!

Though my years are many behind me...
and too few may lay ahead...
I only need to 'share' your youth...
not take it away from you!
Take the Kids... and Run!

So you are holding on to principles...
your 'faith' is ever strong...
Praying for a miracle,
your marriage can't be wrong.

"Divorce is wrong" they are telling you...
"Only God can set aside"...
"Heaven made, your marriage was...
the 'hell' is in your mind!"

Put up with all the beatings,
as the kids watch 'terrified'.
Walk the streets another night,
to miss on one more fight!

'Compliments' are now 'abuse'...
'Joy' has turned to 'pain'.
He's out with the barmaid,
while you're home with the kids!

"He's gonna change" you are reassured...
He wasn't always 'bad'!
You wear all the bruises...
he sometimes feels some guilt!

He is 'loving' when he's sober...
a 'bastard' when he's drunk.
Just can't help the way he is,
so you're wearing another black eye!

Got to hold on to your marriage...
if only for the kids!
They deserve a mum and dad...
But who deserve the hell?

Cling on in desperation...
Pray your 'nightmare' soon will end.
Teach the children how to love,
because they are learning how to hate!

The kids deserve a dad and mum...
they don't deserve the hell...
watching their loving mother,
bashed up by a bloody drunk!

Get out while the getting is good!
Take the kids... and run!
Salvage what little pride,
he hasn't bashed aside!
Lord... Please help me 'understand'

Dear Lord, you taught me how to love,
in a most unselfish way.
The life you gave to give me life,
is held so dearly in my heart!

I know you lived for peace and love,
and wished the same for us...
So too, I know, that we as man,
have made such big mistakes.
Too often, our most selfish acts,
have caused 'irreversible harm'.
We've turned your beautiful garden,
into a 'battlefield of blood'!

I ask, Dear Lord, that you'll continue to forgive
the selfish acts of man.
Though I know it causes you so much sorrow,
to see our repeated mistakes,
I pray in time, we'll realise,
how truly foolish we've been,
and we'll make ourselves more worthy
of the 'Paradise of Eden'!

Lord, I know that we as man
must face the consequences of our greed,
even thought too often it seems,
it is the innocent who pay the cost!

So too, I know, the harm we cause,
isn't restricted only to man...
your beautiful 'gift of nature'
we are close to making 'extinct'!

Lord, I do have faith in us as man...
I believe, we can make you proud!
Though often set in our selfish ways,
we aren't what I would call 'bad'!

Even in my own life, with people I have known,
I have witnessed such selfless acts,
and 'compassion' worthy of praise!

Lord... whilst I do appreciate
that we must pay for our mistakes...
I find it hard to understand,
why 'a baby' has to pay!

I know you are all mighty...
all powerful, and all wise.
Lord, please help me understand,
why a baby ever has to die!

All of your most beautiful gifts...
your miracles, and your love,
can be felt by any person
who holds a baby in their arms!

Why then, Lord, must babies die?
Why are some, not even allowed to be born?
Or others, born so handicapped,
they can never have a fullness of life?

Lord... Please help me understand...
I believe so much in your love!
I know that you, truly are merciful,
and wouldn't want a baby to die!

Lord... You are so powerful...
You give 'the Gift of Life'!
Why therefore do you give it,
then take it back again so soon?

Lord... Please help me understand,
why a baby ever has to die.
The colour of my blood is 'Red'!

Hey, man... what is your problem?
Why are you always having a go at me?
Don't blame me for the problems in your life,
because I am not to blame!

It's not my fault my skin is white...
no more than it is that yours is not!
I am sorry you feel the world has done you wrong,
but I'd rather you didn't blame me.
No matter the colour of my skin...
the colour of my blood is red!

We are, each and every one of us,
unique and special human beings.
Don't put us in a melting pot,
and class us all the same!

The colour of your skin,
means nothing at all to me...
It's what you feel 'in your heart'
that matters most to me!

I respect you as a person,
no matter the colour of your skin.
The colour of my blood is red...
the colour of yours is the same!

Respect me as a person,
and I'll respect you the same...
To me, you are a 'brother'... to me, you are a 'friend'.
As much as I care what has happened in your life...
I cannot accept the blame!

I respect 'your right' to be
the person who you are!
Believe the things that you believe,
and live the life you choose.
Do the things that you must do...
Be the person you must be...
I will always wish you well,
as long as the things you need to do,
don't hurt yourself or anyone else!

You are not in this world to live up to my expectations...
Nor is it up to me, to measure up to you!
Accept me as 'a brother'... Accept me as 'a friend'...
I have never meant to cause you harm,
so wish no harm on me!

I seek to be 'a friend' to you...
I offer my hand in friendship.
I wish you peace and happiness,
and all you wish for me!
'Forever' isn't mine to give!

Will we be 'together' forever?
Will we share an 'everlasting love'?
Will our feelings be never ending?
Will we be 'in love' eternally?

Will you be 'by my side' for evermore?
Will we share 'endless dreams'?
Will the love that we feel, last for time without end?
Will we have each other for an eternity?

Please don't ask me to promise you 'forever',
because 'forever' isn't mine to give!
What we have, is here and now...
I can't promise what the future will bring!

I will love you for as long as I am able to love...
I will be with you for as long as I can.
I will 'give' for as long as I am able to give...
I will treasure each moment we share!

Each moment 'together' is precious...
not to be wasted at any cost.
We have no assurance of what 'the hereafter' may bring,
so it is best that 'we love' while we can!

Our time 'together' may last for years...
or fate may find 'death' only a moment away!
I will love you like there is no tomorrow...
and treasure you as though there is only today!

When our time together in this life does end,
I will try to find you in the life yet to come.
The time we are assured of is now...
It is 'now' that I love you so true!!!
I know how much it hurts!

I know what you are going through...
I know how much it hurts...
being told to stay away from them,
when they are all you have!

I know your desperation...
the emptiness you feel!
What is there worth living for,
when you lose your wife and kids?

I know you really love them...
they are what you've been living for...
You built your world around them,
till there was nothing that mattered more!

Everything you believed in...
Everything worth fighting for...
What is there left in life for you,
after they've walked out the door?

I know how awfully 'unfair' it is...
and how 'senseless' it all seems,
being told to stay away
from the ones you love so dear!

What 'right' does anyone have,
to tell you who you can or cannot love?
To hell with 'so called' authority...
you have the right to love!

Please don't do anything foolish...
there has already been too much pain.
Whilst it's true you do have the right to love...
you need to remember 'why you love!'

Why is it that you love them so?
Wasn't it 'their happiness' you were fighting for?
You gave of yourself so selflessly,
and you tried to put them first!

Put them first again, my friend...
Don't turn selfish now...
They still deserve their happiness,
and they have 'the right' to live!

I know you are feeling really down...
your world has been torn apart!
Please don't tear their world apart,
just to salvage what is left of your own!

Don't take away their future...
Don't cause them any harm...
"You can't have them so nobody can"
is such a tragic attitude!

There has already been too much sorrow...
They too, have been through the pain.
You truly do love them, so let them live.
In time, they'll return your love!

I know it's hard to start anew,
when all you have is you!
Look to God to show you the way,
rather than deciding 'to be God' yourself!

The love you feel isn't wasted...
It isn't thrown away...
It has made you so much more of a man,
than if you had never loved at all!

I know it's hard to start anew...
I know how much it hurts...
Live to love, and you will love to live!
Trust God to show you the way!!!
Driving Drunk

So you feel it's alright to drink and to drive...
would you do it with your mother in the car?
How would you feel if while you were a driving drunk,
an accident happened, and your mother was killed?
How do you think somebody else would feel,
if it was their mother or wife or child who you killed?

If it's alright for you to drink and to drive,
then it must be 'my right' too!
Let's just imagine you are driving along
as 'sober' as sober can be...
then I come along as a driving drunk,
and cause you to go crashing off the road.
How would you feel about driving drunks,
if as a result of the crash
you were left 'crippled' for life?

How do you think police and paramedics must feel,
when they are called to an accident scene,
and on their arrival, to their horror they find,
pieces of bodies thrown all over the road?

You've heard the saying 'an eye for an eye'...
tell me, 'why shouldn't it apply to you?'
If you as a driving drunk do cause
somebody else to lose their life...
then surely it must be true to say
that your life should not be spared!

Why should somebody else,
whose loved-one's life you did end,
have to suffer the pain of their loss,
knowing that you'll live to kill again?
A Woman's View!

How do I celebrate your day of birth,
when you died that very day?

For nine months, inside me, you grew...
as an extension of myself.
The 'Miracle of Life' was happening,
inside my very self!

Starting as an embryo, you were like a tadpole in my womb...
From there to a foetus, where your looks were more distinct.
Small enough to fit into a nutshell...
but big enough to mean the world!

Attached by a placenta, that was a lifeline between us both...
one way sending nourishment... the other removing waste!
A blood to blood connection, so vital to your life...
Maternal blood vessels, bathed in maternal blood!

Inside my womb, you floated and moved,
within a fluid-filled amniotic sac...
I'll never forget the memories I have,
of how I could feel you move!

At first, it was like a flutter, as in to my belly you gently bumped...
and as the weeks went passing by,
sharp quick blows to my belly, I felt!

Your daddy and I didn't want to know
what 'sex' you were going to be.
All we really cared about, was that you would be alright.
Neither of us could've imagined, how 'tragically' things would turn out!

I did all the things I was supposed to do,
to protect your precious life.
To this day, I still don't know,
why things went so terribly wrong!

Everything was, as it was supposed to be...
there were no signs of anything being wrong.
Even the ultrasounds that were done,
showed you were doing so very well!

I felt you kicking inside me...
I watched my belly as you moved.
I could even make you move,
with a gentle prod from my hands.

We decorated a special room for you...
in preparation for when you were born.
Pretty murals all over the wall...
Bright coloured pictures, and a fantasy light...
How could we ever have known,
we would never be bringing you home?

Nobody has been able to explain to me,
why out of my womb you came... never to breathe again.
All I could keep on thinking,
was that God should have taken me, instead!

I know you are up in Heaven,
as an angel by God's side...
but that doesn't ease the pain of knowing,
that I've never even seen you smile!

*** Rest in Peace ***
Born this day... Died this day...
Loved from the time conceived...
and loved for all time to come!!!

I know this isn't something that you'd expect 'a man' to write.
I believed it needed writing, so I wrote it anyway.
I believe that for a woman to carry a baby inside her for nine months,
only to have the baby 'die at birth'
is one of the most tragic things that can happen to anybody!
If it ever happens to someone you know...
give them all the love and encouragement that you possibly can...
they deserve it!!!
Recycled Body-Parts

The time is near for me to say 'goodbye'
to this life that I have known.
My 'spirit' soon must travel on,
to where my 'body' cannot go!

I have enjoyed a richness of life,
with a body that served me so well.
How 'fortunate' I was to have been blessed
with a body that worked as it should!

My 'eyes' have allowed me to be able to see...
My 'ears' to be able to hear!
I've been able to do all of the things,
that I wanted my body to do!

Other people have not been as fortunate...
So much that I took for granted,
they have never been able to do!
Body-parts that I'll soon discard,
can allow them to have a richer life!

The body-parts which served me so well,
haven't reached their 'use by date'...
many parts can be recycled,
to give someone else a richer life!

As my spirit moves on to yet another life...
and my body is left behind...
let my discarded body-parts be used,
to allow someone else a more fuller life!
Spread your wings!

Crying out for freedom, at such a tender age,
you claim your independence, and seek to cut the ties!
For what the future has for you, the past can have no claim.
Life is yours to live and love...
so you seek to spread your wings!

It's true we feel you are too young,
to be flying from our nest...
and true, we are so very afraid,
of what could happen to you.
We know you need to spread your wings,
so we must set you free!

To keep you here 'a prisoner'
would surely be unfair.
We know you have your life to live...
we just wish you could live it 'here'!

You know we will always love you!
When you leave, we'll miss you heaps!
We dearly do love to have you here,
but accept that you must leave!

We wish you 'love' dear darlin'
and ask that you'll take care.
Our prayers and thoughts will be with you,
as you journey through each day!

Wherever life may take you...
whatever road you choose...
We pray that God will be with you,
to protect you all the way!

Travel safe... travel free... journey to the sky!
Find the place you need to be, and the life you need to live!
No matter where you travel, or who you find you are...
our thoughts and prayers are with you,
and you are always in our hearts!

One thing we ask, dear darlin'
that you will remember every day,
is that if ever you find you need some 'love'
we are never too far away!

We know you are going to find it hard,
to survive from day to day.
We are sorry there isn't more we can do,
to help you along the way.

The nest you are leaving,
we tried to make your home...
It will always be right here for you...
so never be without a home!

Fly on, little sparrow...
Journey to the sky!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Children like me...

Santa... please don't give me a toy gun for Christmas,
because I don't want to pretend 'to kill'.
In Cowboys and Indians, we children pretend,
to shoot one another, and fall over 'dead'.

Across the world, Santa, are children like me...
the guns they are given, really do kill!
The people they shoot at,
fall down, and are dead!

The 'Sprit of Christmas' is peace and goodwill...
Children like me, shouldn't know how to kill!

Santa... Please don't give me 'war games' for Christmas,
because I don't want to pretend I'm at war!
When playing 'war games' we children pretend
to fire our weapons, to kill and to maim.

Across the world, Santa, are children like me...
The game they are playing, really is a war!
One press of a trigger, and the children are dead!

The 'Spirit of Christmas' is peace and goodwill...
Children like me, shouldn't have to be killed!

Santa... Please don't give me a toy sword for Christmas,
because I don't want to pretend to rob!
In the game of 'pirates' we children pretend,
to stab one another, to kill and to rob!

Across the world, Santa, are children like me...
with sword or with knife, they kill to survive!

The 'Spirit of Christmas' is peace and goodwill...
Children like me, shouldn't have to kill, to live!
Journey from the womb...
to the Gutter of Despair

See that man laying there in the Gutter of Despair...
See the people walking by, with their noses in the air.
"Look at that drunken bum" they say,
as they continue on their way.
Nobody even bothers to stop,
to see if the man is dead!

How easy it is to criticise
when so very little we know.
Perhaps we should stop and ask...
"How did he get that way?"

We need to journey far beyond
where the man had been today.
Forget about what happened to him yesterday...
or even yester-year.
Travel way back to a time,
before he was even born!

See that happy couple,
celebrating the way they feel...
Getting in that 'party mood'
with a drink or three of 'cheer'.
Have a guess what they'll be doing,
when they get home, tonight.
Bet they don't even stop to think
of what happens with what they drank.

One think leads to another...
a baby soon is born.
Time again to celebrate,
with a bottle or three of 'cheer'.

"Breast milk is what I will feed him" she says.
"It's the most natural food I can give!"
As she is feeding the baby,
she herself, is drinking 'cheer'!

The baby's screams really bother them so...
What on earth are they to do?
"I have an idea" one of them says...
"We'll pacify him with 'cheer'!"

As time goes on, a child there grows,
'curiosity' a part of life.
"What is this drink that I've found here?
Perhaps I should have a taste!
Tastes so yucky, I don't understand,
why it is I want to drink more!"

Further along the journey of life,
the child becomes a young man.
What better way to celebrate,
than with a carton or three of 'cheer'?

"Still tastes bloody awful" he says...
yet he yearns to drink some more!

Laying in his bed at night,
the room begins to spin.
"Never again!" he promises himself...
"I don't need to feel this sick!"

How easy it is to break a promise,
when you have made it to yourself!
Despite many a night,
with his head in a bucket,
the young man yearns for more 'cheer'!

Further along the journey of life,
the youth becomes a man.
A beautiful lady, he one day weds,
and later, they have a child.

More and more, he is drinking his 'cheer'
with little time for anything else.
A 'price he must pay'
for loving his 'cheer'
so he loses his wife and his child!

A 'job' he had, is his no more...
(Why should anyone hire a drunk?)
Any 'money' that was his,
has gone to buy his 'cheer'!
Upside down, his world has turned,
till there is nothing but himself and his 'cheer'!

From a comfortable bed
in a house that was his...
to a bottle of Tups,
and a bed that's a street.

Blankets of wool which once kept him warm,
have been replaced by a paper he found on the street.
From three meals every day, and a comfortable life...
he now has to beg on the street!

Kind sir, can you loan me one dollar for food?
What's the bet that it buys him more 'cheer'.

Return with me now to the Streets of Despair,
and that man who lays in the Gutter.
Somebody finally did care to stop,
to see if the man was alright.

A sad ending though, this story has,
because the man's life, had passed away!
As people walked by, with their noses in the air,
the man had been left to die!

An ambulance now arrives at the scene,
to take away that human being...
"Who is he?"
"Does he have any family or friends?"
"Is there someone we can tell of his death?"
"Does anybody even care?"

People gather to stop and to stare,
as the ambulance now leaves the scene.
One by one, the people now leave,
with a shake of the head,
and a nose in the air!

"Tastes so yucky, I don't understand,
why it is I want to drink more!"
Believe in who you are!

Lovely lady, sitting there,
with a needle in your hand,
why is it so important
for you to fill yourself with holes?

Can't you see and appreciate
how 'beautiful' you are?
Then trust me, girl, that 'shooting up'
is really doing you harm.

All you need to get a 'high'
is a sense of being 'yourself'.
Take a look at who you really are,
before you add more holes!

The last time you looked in a mirror,
was the person you saw 'you'?
Best you go and have another look,
just to make sure it's really 'you'!

Take a deep and glaring look
in to your caring eyes,
then ask yourself this question...
"Am I who I like to be?"

Give yourself a silly look...
Pull a face that would scare an ape...
Then, as a smile comes to your face,
remember that's who you really are!

Reach your arms around to your back,
and give yourself a gentle pat,
and as you are giving yourself a gentle hug,
say "I'm so glad that I am me!"

Now that a look at those holes you've made,
and ask why you'd rather be dead.
One more hole is all it can take,
before a hole is being dug for you!

You have to believe in who you are, girl...
Life's too short for you not to be you.
Don't turn yourself into a cushion,
that's a target for a 'prick'!
Death takes all hope away!

My friend...
I heard the news today,
of how your life had passed away.
Had you forgotten how when there is life, there is hope.
And how 'death' takes all hope away!

The news of your death really shocked me.
I thought I knew you so well.
Believing I was someone you could talk to
whenever you needed a friend.

Why couldn't you tell me what was troubling you?
You know I would have tried to help.
Surely there was something we could have done...
'Together' we could have found 'hope'.
Now you are dead, there is nothing we can do,
because 'death' takes all hope away!

Here I am at your funeral...
Your family and friends are all here.
Do you see all the tears and the sadness?
Do you feel all the grief and the pain?
The tragic loss of a loved one...
The sad passing of a friend.
The tragic way you ended your life,
will haunt us till the end!

Why did you do it, my friend...
bring your life to such a tragic end?
I know at times it can be so hard
to make it through each day.
But with every new day comes a glimmer of hope
that good times are coming our way!

I know I should thank you for the good times we shared...
and thank you for being my friend.
I'm not feeling too thankful at the moment though,
because my friend threw his life away!

What of the future we could have shared?
What of the loved ones you left behind?
What gave you the right to scar us so bad,
and to leave us such terrible pain?

I'm sure you had your reasons
for cutting your life so short...
but what my friend, were your reasons,
for hurting us so bad?

We will make it through each passing day,
taking each one as it comes.
Never really knowing what tomorrow may bring,
but trusting in our family and friends.

If not each other,
then what do we have?
What is 'life'
if we are left alone?
We know how 'death' takes all hope away,
but 'together' we can live with hope.

So my friend, I bid you farewell.
I trust you have found your peace.
Safe in the hands of your maker,
and the hearts of your loved-ones and friends.

We will treasure the fond memories we have of you.
Being grateful for the good times we shared.
Knowing there was so much more we could have shared,
had 'death' not taken your life away!

Goodbye my friend...
Rest in Peace!